The company Sparta sp. z o.o. attaches importance to environmental protection. Our Head Office is located on the Piast Route, only about 8 km from Poznan Cathedral, where Polish baptism probably took place in the year 966  and about 30 km from the seat of first Polish rulers - Lednica.

Surrounding territories of Bogucin and Kobylnica are very interesting, from our windows almost can be seen the Forest Zielonka, which is the center of Zielonka Forest Landscape Park. The park has more than 11 thousand hectares andin  80% is forested. Vegetation of park are a beautiful tree stands, where we meet pine, spruce, oak, beech, hornbeam, birch, larch and many valuable vascular plants. Numerous lakes located in Zielonka Forest retained their original beauty and are additional diversity of forested areas.

Such proximity obliges us to best care for the environment in which we live and work.

The environmental program of Sparta is among other things:

-Limiting printing through the use of electronic documents;
-Utilization and recycling of secondary all packaging (plastic film, cardboard);
-Separation of oil and contaminants from rainwater (built-in oil separator)
-Exports of sewage from septic tank
-Lighting is provided by fuel-efficient sodium lamps and fluorescent lamps
-The use of high-efficiency gas furnaces cooperating with the control system for optimal heat the building
-No noise and dust emissions into the atmosphere