About company

SPARTA sp. z o.o. is one of the leading distributor of building hardware. The mission of SPARTA sp. z o.o. is to give the best products from the building hardware industry in a very attractive prices directly to your company. SPARTA Company is authorized dealer of the biggest polish hardware producers, like GERDA, LOB, ROMB, DOM Polska,Jania, we are offering products from tens of leading polish and European building hardware producers, like Winkhaus, Abus, Wilka, DOM,Assa Abloy, GEZE, G-U, DORMAKABA,Mantion, Sobinco, JiS, Hobes, KFV, Gamet, Manital, Tupai, Mandelli, Linea Cali, Verdi, Mariani, Froscio and many other.


Our offer complement products imported from the far East. Continually we develop and enlarge the assortment with new, attractive products. The potential of the company allows for realization of variety orders and to offer very attractive sale conditions for our customers.



SPARTA company attach importance to logistic issues and technical help – ordered items almost immediately are sent to your company, making the work easy and decreasing the costs of storage. In 2006 SPARTA sp. z o.o. obtained the quality management certificate ISO 90001:2015.

Every day we share our experience by giving an advices and technical help. We are realizing a variety of orders, like Key Alike Systems, Master Key Systems, we deliver locks in joinery version, we are making on order non-standard fittings.



Our advantages:

  • Huge assortment of hardware products
  • Availability of products from our storage
  • Very atractive wholesale prices and terms of cooperation
  • Instant shipping (today order, tomorrow shipment)
  • Availability of information: cataloge, internet, e-mail, telephone support
  • Opportunity of realize special, unusual orders
  • Professional, kind, friendly service

We are looking forward to do business with you!




SPARTA sp. z o.o.


62-006 Kobylnica

Bogucin, ul. Boczna 4

tel. 61 815-00-86

fax 61 815-02-45

e-mail: bok@sparta.com.pl



Company Registration: Sąd Rejonowy w Poznaniu VIII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS Nr 181851
Capital: 320.000 PLN
NIP 777-25-56-072


Bank Account:
Account Number: 65 1090 1450 0000 0000 4505 4421

BDO registration number: 000055860

LUCID Dashboard registration number DE4092311923879-V




SPARTA Sp. z o.o. implemented 8.2 activities as part of the Innovative Economy Operational Program "Supporting the implementation of B2B electronic business" investment project "Implementation in SPARTA sp. z o.o. a fully electronic data exchange based on the EDI protocol, an innovative ordering system based on the innovative platform Remote Warehouse and B2B Data Exchange Platforms". This project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and from the state budget.

The realization of the project allowed for the implementation in Sparta sp. z o.o. electronic data exchange platform with B2B clients. The platform enables direct access to the Sparta server, logging in, browsing the full offer of the company, taking into account business conditions with a particular contractor, placing orders, online access to invoices, payment statements and other information. The B2B platform is convenient to use and requires only a web browser to run. The B2B system is supplemented with the Remote Application Administrator application enabling the creation of the Sparta contractor's offer dedicated to the contractor's customers. It allows, among others, a full review of the offer (freely shaped), access to photographs, diagrams and many other information about goods.

The realization of the project allowed the implementation of data exchange with recipients and suppliers using the EDI protocol. Electronic data exchange allows for quick and error-free entry of documents into systems of cooperating companies, saving time and money for both parties of exchange, through paper saving and costs of document shipments.

Project number:


Project title:

"Implementation in SPARTA sp. z o.o. a fully electronic data exchange based on the EDI protocol, an innovative ordering system based on the innovative platform Remote Warehouse and B2B Data Exchange Platforms"


SPARTA Sp. z o.o.

Program name:


Innovative Economy Operational Program, 2007-2013

Activity 8.2 „Supporting the implementation of B2B electronic business”

Total value of project:

325 962,30 PLN

Amount of funding:

185 507,00 PLN

Project duration:

01.03.2014 – 28.02.2015

The source information on the Innovative Economy Operational Program can be found at: www.poig.gov.plwww.mir.gov.pl and www.warp.org.pl