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ROMB SYSTEM peripheral fittings

High-quality, reliable and secure peripheral fittings ROMB SYSTEM

General information:

ROMB SYSTEM peripheral fittings are made by ROMB S.A in Złotów, modern factory with 40 years of experience in fittings production. Self technical thought in collaboration with leading Western companies in fittings industry resulted in an excellent product which it is in the opinion of many customers ROMB SYSTEM peripheral fitting.

This fitting is produced on high-performance automated lines, presses and molding machines in forming technology and pressure casting. Steel strips used with a high degree of deformation are characterized by a particularly high strength and smooth surface. Elements of die-cast zinc alloy are characterized by a high strength and durability. The use of modern galvanic technology provides excellent corrosion resistance and many years of trouble-free operation of fitting. The technological process is realized based on the Quality Management System and Environment, complies with standard ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001.

Currently produced ROMB SYSTEM peripheral fittings are characterized by technical perfection, maximum durability, fast installation, the optimal number of components, the appropriate scope of the regulation and safe use - these features connected with a very attractive price make it  perfectly functioning product on the market.

For companies wishing to use ROMB SYSTEM peripheral fittings we offer free training in your company, fittings selection program and a set of assembly jigs.

Our company maintains a significant inventory of peripheral fitting components, so we can provide you continuity of supply fittings, even with significant orders.

ROMB SYSTEM peripheral fittings:

  • Serve to close, dilation and repeal of window wings
  • Control function plays handle
  • Fitting components are integrated into the sash and frame
  • application: plastic and wooden windows
  • Standard: micro-ventilation and handle blockade

Technical data:

maximum weight of wings

100 kg or 130 kg

the width of the groove

16 mm

distance between axis of the handle from the front

15 mm

Spigot height

8 mm

spigot jump

2 x 17 mm

spacing of holes for screws in the handle

43 mm


Technical information for download in pdf format:

  • General Information
  • Fittings completion
  • Adjustment and Maintenance
  • Hitch Coordinates
  • Manual of crimp, wooden windows
  • Manual of crimp, plastic window
  • Informations about templates
  • Certificates


  • Wood: Dr4, Dr11 -7x8 /Euronut/; Dr11 /Eurofalz/

Type of fittings:

  • Standard
  • Anti-theft / Grades: I, II, III/
  • Wihout pillars
  • Balcony
  • Oblique
  • Light / wings to 100 kg/
  • Heavy /wings to 130 kg/

Location of door handle:

  • central (always in the middle of wings)
  • shifted down (at a constant distance from the lower edge of the wing regardless of its height)