Door handles

Selection rules of handles:

  • Kind of handle:
  • For inside door – in this type of handles crucial are aesthetic considerations (cover: paint - different colors, brass, patina, satin, antique gold, nickel, chromium and other) and the stability and functionality of handle. In schools, kindergartens and other public institutions there should be used special safe handles, which have arched end of handle hindering hooking by the handle.
  • For exterior door – handle, beside aesthetic considerations should be having C class safety certificate – shield of this kind of handles are protected by a special plate, which prevent burglary and protect lock and insert. Door shields are very important safety element, using certified inserts and locks without application of solid door shields is pointless. For outside handles attention should be paid to weather ability – handles for exterior doors most often provide this kind of resistance.
  • Kind of sheild:
  • Circular shields – these shields makes us independent of the size of the lock (handle and shield are independent), by some people considered as more aesthetic and delicate. Recently fashionable are oval or square shields.
  • Longitudinal shields – these shields need to be adapted to the size of the lock. Because of the method of attachment usually there are more permanent than circular shields, there seems to be more solid. After the period of enchantment because of circular shields begins explicit renaissance and fashion on the use of longitudinal shields (from axle to axle):

klamak z tarczka okrągłąklamka z tarczka podłużną

  • Handle span (size A)
    • Handle span should be define for handles with longitudinal shield (circular shields can be install at any distance from the handle). This dimension is dictated by the lock used in the door. Typical spans (dimension A – measured from axis to axis) are: 60 mm, 72 mm, 90 mm, 92 mm, 95 mm)

Klamka szkic

  • Type of door shields (dependent on the applied lock):
    tarczka pod wkładkę
    tarcza pod klucz
    tarczka WC
    tarcza pełna
    • Type of door shields (dependent on the applied lock):
  • In case of thicker doors it should be paid attention if fixing screws and mandrel are enough long to connect handles from both side of the door.

    We offer a wide range of door handles, all major Polish manufacturers and handles imported from Germany, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands. You can find in our offer general use handles in low price. A very wide range of brass door handles in various coatings (patina, satin, brass) are forming sets with window handles and other. Perfect door handles in the latest fashions for people, who are looking for products especially noble – including gilded handles.

    Most of the offering handles are equipped in support – mechanism (spring)causes that handle always stays in horizontal position and don't „dangle”, even if spring is too weak or destroyed. We recommend use of power-assisted door handles.

    We offer also a wide seletion of anti-burglary shields for external doors, which have the highest class resistance to burglary – certified C class of Precision Engineering Institute. These products are characterized by high resistance to impact, drill, trying to break shield, lock or located inside cylinder insert.

    Basic kinds of handles and knobs from our offer:

  • Brass
  • patina
  • Satin
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Lacquered - a very wide range of colors Pressed, cast in brass-wood composition
  • Pressed, cast in brass-wood composition
  • In the sectional plates in different embodiments (round, oblong)
  • In a longitudinal shield in size: 60, 72, 85, 90 i 92 mm
  • In the embodiment of an insert, key and toilet and keyless
  • With narrow shields for PCV, aluminum joinery
  • Certified handles, anti-burglary for doors in 38-48 mm thickness
  • Handles for external doors
  • Permanent knobs
  • Rotary knobs
  • Knob-handle
  • A wide rage of handrails
  • most of the inside handles are universal, they can be install both right and left handed doors
  • handles for external doors and knob-levers can not be universal, then choose properly handle left or right.
  • Side of the handle ( LEFT-RIGHT):
  • 8 mm – most of the handles and knobs for external and inside doors
  • 10 mm – handles for mortise gate locks (gates or large doors – churches, townhouses, etc
  • Size of the handle mandrel (must fit through the opening "walnut" in the lock):
  • handle with support ( shield equipped in spring which is holding handle in horizontal position). The vast majority of handles is now equipped with a mechanism to assist. We recommend the use of power-assisted door handles.
  • handle without support ( handle in horizontal position holds lock spring)
  • In the case of handles on long plate it should be bought shields with handle (as a totality). Handles with circular shield should be bought as a proper shields for this kind of handle.

  • Requirement:
  • insert shields (cylinder lock – like on the picture above)
  • key shields (for simple key)
  • shields with WC handles (WC lock)
  • complete shield (without gap for insert, key or WC)