Selection rules of padlocks

Padlock are, next to locks, the most popular kind of closure applied in premises protection and immobilization of items, like bicycles, boats etc. In the case of locking doors or gates the padlock frequently collaborates with padlock hasp. 


Determination of padlocks:


Schemat oznaczania kłódki

(picture) Scheme of selecting padlocks size



Cylinder hoop padlock, brass 50 mm


  • Hoop padlock (first on the left)
  • Padlock with patent key (cylinder)
  • Corpus of the padlock is made of brass
  • Width (S) 50 mm
    • Ratchet padlock – simple key/ mostly low level of protection
    • Padlocks can be divided into several classes according to the following categories:

    • Kind of closing mechanism
    • Ratchet padlock – simple key/ mostly low level of protection

Kłódka zapadkowa Mars

    • Cylinder padlocks – patent key / level of protection depends on cylinder class, 

Kłódka bębenkowa

    • Special padlocks – opened with cipher, cards, magnets, other

Kłódka szyfrowa

  • Padlock construction
    • Hoop padlock – the most popular kind of padlocks

Kłódka pałąkowa

    • Pin padlocks – also popular padlocks, construction prevent burglary by breaking hoop

Kłódka trzpieniowa

    • Circular padlocks

Kłódka okrągła

  • Level of protection
    • Padlocks without a specific class of burglary resistance – most used padlocks
    • padlock with hardened hoop - impedes burglary by cutting a padlock hook
    • certified padlocks with a specific class of burglary resistance ( the highest C class)

Kłódka IRYD
(Picture) - IRYD padlock – example of certified C class padlock
For IRYD padlock there is available a special anti-burglary hasp.
Wrzeciądz do kłódki IRYD
There is available left/right hasp.

  • Corpus material
    • cast iron padlocks

Kłódka żeliwana

    • brass padlocks – bit more resistant to weather conditions

Kłódka mosiężna

  • Application:

  • general use padlocks
  • waterproof padlocks - suitable for long-term outdoor use

Kłódka wodoopdprna

    • bike locks

Kłódka rowerowa

    • energy padlocks
Kłódka energetyczna


We recommend - one key systems

In companies, schools, on allotments often you need to buy several padlocks opened with the same key or one, many padlocks with large number of the same keys – then the desired set of padlocks and keys can be ordered in our company. Padlocks, on request, may have the same key as locks and inserts and make a Master key system with them.

There is also the possibility of making a padlock for your key.

Hasp for padlocks you can find in category Gallantry.

We recommend a wide range of padlocks, many domestic and foreign manufacturers including:

  • Patent iron padlocks in 30 – 70 mm size
  • Patent brass padlocks in 20 – 70 mm size
  • Patent, certified padlocks in various embodiments
  • Valvular padlock in 40 – 60 mm size
  • Padlocks with prolonged hoop- hoop 60, 100 or 150 mm
  • Combination padlocks, for cards and waterproof
  • Bike padlocks and locks
  • Energy padlocks in various embodiments with keys
  • Padlock in One Key and Master key system