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Surface locks ale basic, next to mortise locks kind of closure applied in doors and gates. Usage of surface lock increase safety level and make door or gate more break-in resistant. Through the use of surface lock room's level of safety can be easly raised. Assembly of surface lock  is usually quite easy and does not require door alteration, although It have to be always checked, if the type of lock can be install in own door.


Selection rules of surface lock

Surface locks can be divided into several classes:

  • Cylinder locks not certified/  with class A or B certificate

It is a group of the most common locks in doors of which we do not require high level of safety. Those locks are commonly used in residential development, in offices, schools etc. In our offer you will find several dozen  this type of lock in different variety, designs, colors, for example:



                                                                                                                                                              Lock TD01 LOB S.A firm                                              Lock ZN 100/ GERDA firm


  • Cylinder locks not certified/  with class C certificate

Lock from this groupe are used as protection of main door and others, from whom we require increased level of safety. These locks are characterized by reinforced structure and solution of key and closing mechanism which impede burglary.
In Poland the most popular surface lock from not certified locks group is TITAN ZX lock by Gerda Sp.z. o. o. firm, populary called GERDA lock.

Tytuł: Zamek TYTAN ZX plus

TYTAN ZX Plus lock


With TYTAN ZX lock compete puted up for sale in recent years on polish market locks: YETI LOB S.A. Firm and FANA locks 2000 and 3000 series from FANA locks factory.



                                                                                                                                                                                      FANA-2000 lock                                             YETI 1 lock

  • Striker locks  not certified/  with class C certificate

Locks from this group are said to be the most burglar resistant. Usually are also characterized by solid mechanical construction. It should be noticed that most of safe locks and armored cassette locks are just striker locks.

Disadvantage of these locks which is giving rise to a less prevalent, especially in  residential development is usually big, lock key, quite uncomfortable in daily use and less aesthetic appearance  . Lock of this group are worth recommending for custumers wishing very solid protection of the flat or home, as a main locks for warehouse, garage and other this type of space. Here are some examples of locks from this group:



                                                                                                                                                                                           OMEGA 3 lock                     ALPHA lock                                ROM 4 lock


  • Surface locks – garage

Garage locks are group of simple construction locks, made as a cylinder or striker locks. Those locks have widespread applications in rooms, of which do not require a high resistance to burglary – in utility rooms, arbors, inside garage doors etc.


Variety of surface locks

Surface locks can be made in various types of construction and in wide range of colors. In these varieties are certified  and not cetrified locks for example GERDA type.



Basic construction types:

  • lock with stiff blockade – lock is equipped in stiff blockade allowing for the repeal of the door and  preventing the entry of undesirable persons to the accommodation.
  • Double-cylinder lock – this type of lock prevent closing door from the inside without a key (with knob). This type of lock should be used when we want to avoid danger of closing door by unauthorized persons. Adoption of this lock prevent opening from the inside by knob, so it should be used also in glass doors and gates.
  • Lock without knob -  this type of lock enalble closing and opening only from one side – by a key. There are applied in grilles, glass doors protection and when we want to prevent closing from the inside.


Choosing a surface lock it should be headed by guidelines:

  • determine door thickness and select lock mountable for door thickness
  • define anti-burlar class of lock
  • select variety of lock : with knob(simple), double-cylinder, with stiff blockade, with alarm
  • select lock model


Basic types of surface locks from our offer:

  • Certified locks , 50, 60 mm – very wide range of: embodiments, retro type of locks, fortified locks, lock with stiff blockade, wide range of colors
  • Double-cylinder locks
  • Locks without knob
  • Latch locks
  • Locks with stiff blockade
  • Certified cylinder locks (GERDA, YETI, FANA)
  • Certified latch locks (OPTIMUS, ALPHA, OMEGA, ROM)
  • Cylinder and latch garage locks
  • Wicket locks
  • Furniture cylinder and latch locks
  • Cassette and showcase locks