Eura-Tech - electronic code locks, intercoms and advanced sensors in your home

Eura-Tech is a company specializing in the production of systems in the field of security and home automation. It started its operations as early as 1993 and has gained recognition in the market, becoming one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. One of the company's flagship products are chad (CO) detectors, a field on which the company is a pioneer in Poland. Thanks to its knowledge and experience, Eura-Tech provides extremely effective carbon monoxide detectors and natural gas detectors that respond expressly in emergency situations. These detectors undergo double testing, ensuring their safety and effectiveness. In addition, the company monitors all cigarette smoke and chad detectors that are marketed, confirming their commitment to maintaining the highest quality. It's worth noting that each chad detector comes with a certificate, a serial number and the date and location of the test, attesting to their quality and compliance with standards. Eura-Tech is committed to providing quality products, ensuring low energy consumption and long-lasting and reliable operation of its devices. If you are wondering how the tests of the aforementioned sensors are carried out - we recommend watching a video introducing the process. The company also offers intercoms, uniphones, electronic locks with cipher or card, which can record working time.

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No-smoking alarm "EURA" SD-20B8, battery powered, photo-optical sensor

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